Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Driver in the House

I've decided to stay on the driving topic again....

Sometimes when one has recently passed their driving examination and now have the full license to drive solo, there is a certain feel of power in their hands. This may be heavily based on the psycological position of the individual. There is the immediate desire to rush down the highway at top speed and throw caution to the wind since one feels invincible. In chatting with some new found friends recently, there was two sides of this coin.

In one instance one person had just gotten their license. This individual somehow slammed into everything in sight, and the neighbours were so afraid to park their vehicles nearby for fear of damage which may be sustained to their own vehicles. This is so similar to how we handle life and also success on our own. Somehow we have to stuggle to work out how to navigate against the coffee machine guy in the office or the secretary who spreads your personal business, or even the group leader who is sometimes so full of themselves. How do you handle these people?
Easy, you take your time, think first and speak afterwards, and, respond only when necessary.

Note, most of the times, no one recognises when you've screwed on the handle on the door or replaced a dull lightbulb, because they may be the little things but you know what! Those things are also very important.

There are leaders who believe that they are the kings and queens of the roost. I always try to encourage them to change their thinking. Here's why - without a vehicle, you are no longer a driver but a pedestrian, just an ordinary person. Likewise, without a group to lead then who are you? Many times the leader in their pompous attitude unwittingly destroys this group unwittingly.

What a leader must recognise is that there are all sorts of persons who compose the group. There are the spark plugs of the groupd and the handrests as well - that is various roles. If you do not know group dynamics then your driving skills are shot. I also believe a good leader can say to the group, I do not know, but i'll find out, or easily delegate to another member. It is also okay for the leader to sit in the passenger seat at times and experience what his passengers are feeling in the ride.

See you next time...

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