Thursday, September 4, 2008

Learning to Drive

When you are learning to drive, there is an instructor who takes you through your paces. For months you manage not to argue and more or less sit humbly in the driver's seat and follow the commands and advice of the driving tutor.
Then there comes the time where you sit and finally pass your driving examination. One becomes all excited and yeah, we are now legally qualified to command that vehicle on our own. As we proceed along the various carriage-ways now, we realise more and more that there are bums and idiots who maskerade as experienced drivers and we try not to lose our calm. However, there always come a point where we may lose it and the road rage jumps in, and we now become angry at the last person who cut us off on the intersection.

Similarly, we in our development on the success path have been coached and tutored by our mentors. Then we feel, or are prompted to get out there and command our own success, and make it work. What makes me upset at times is when persons prefer to stay within their own sad story or have had an accident along the way, and not try to get back onto the highway (of life). You know the ones, since at some point or the other we try to avoid them - before they suck us into their own black hole.

Warning: Everyone has a sad story.

Anyway, as one drives we overcome the driver errors made and race onto the next destination. Why don't we also do the same thing on a personal level?

In addition we at times like to show off, similar to when we overtake on the highway, we show we've got more power under the hood, check me out, look at my rims and my sound system is blasting. I would encourage anyone to be cautious in business, since it can peak today and valley tomorrow. In fact take a look at what is happening now in the global economy, there is all the talk about pending recession, your business and you as a leader need to tred carefully. This does not mean being timid!!! Its like tipping the breaks, before a step downhill.

Here's further parallelism:

A friend of mine whenever she drives gets a flat tyre...and believes that it is her lot in life to keep getting a flat tyre. After a period of helping her change the flats and getting back to focus on driving - Opps something happens and a tyre goes flat again. This would suggest to me that either she is driving in an area that she should not be driving and should change direction. If it were me, I would immediately look at self, and try to figure out if it is because of me that my tyre goes flat or it is just the type of tyre being chosen. Based on statistical evidence, it may be suggested that it is possibly the driver choosing an inappropriate tyre and then getting upset at the whole world.

When you go about your routine (highway) consider your success path and see how parallel they are, and also recognise that you are in control of your own vehicle (attitude).

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