Wednesday, March 25, 2009

They Say "We Limin"

Hello everyone,

Please accept the humblest of apologies in not posting sooner, but as opposed to what the title suggests, I certainly was not limin. In some parts of the Caribbean, limin or liming is an expression used to define the act of passing time by doing nothing in particular. The type of liming to which I refer in this piece is that where persons hit pause in their life. I believe that a few of you reading this may have a much more specific definition. Anyway the focus of this is that just last night I was chatting with some associates and acquaintances. These individuals, for the most part express disgust at/with those persons who just sit on the block all day and do nothing but "lime". It of course amazes me, how these young men (mostly) of one specific ethnic group sit around and either waste time talking about other people or gambling or some other unproductive use of resources.

In comparison there are those other ethnic groupings which a) you do not see limin nor, b) do not appear interested in spending their time sitting on the proverbial block. In addition, it usually seems as if this group of individuals get so much further ahead of the game of "life" and gain upward social mobility with a matter of ease. Then those ones who were limin get upset at the movers and shakers. If you take a closer look at the groups, you would observe that they begin at the same point, however the diversion occurs where one group believes that it is a waste of time to move up socially, since there is the need to work, whereas the other group continues to work and discipline themselves such that their surrounding changes to something better. This yet again, highlights that the decision made (mental), influences the physical outcome. One should be concerned in the progress which they have made and what they are looking to achieve, after all, one has to consider - what is the purpose of living? Furthermore when you realise that you can be part of the movers and shakers then you’ve gotten half of the job done. There is the school of thought that during the times of recession is the best time to become the owner of your own business. There is nothing to say that the first idea will be either success or failure. However it is of utmost importance that after the first idea, one should not settle into the groove, but to look at the next chance of progress. The limin thought pattern should go through the window, even if it looks like the easy way out, there is the sweet feeling of accomplishment when you’ve earned something. The harder your work for it the more you cherish the moment.

Some persons lime because of some failure in a project and need to take the time out. I would dare suggest that during the “time out” period, this is the point to consider the shortcomings as well as the way to improve on the next chance. The individual who reads this may be thinking that this is a theoretical musing, but it must be noted that persons who have become successful do not get there based on theory.

Our first action? Stop limin and get living...