Thursday, September 11, 2008

Its like Magic in 3 Steps

I've been involved in a group project recently, and I believe that there is always some kind of lesson to learn. One of the many which struck me was that, there is a certain magic which a leader must have in order to inspire the rest to follow. Coming to terms with this can be a bit of a jolt at times, since you as a leader must also be inspired in order to inspire, and everyone knows that everyday our feel or mood isn't one which is in the motivating stretch. In fact a leader has to look for ways to be motivated in order to share that magic.

One individual said to me, that there are so many persons out there who, struggle to lead their teams. They have all of the information to share, and the ideas to implement, but they somehow do not have the magic to get the team to run with the idea. There are a few of the things which made good leaders better, a leader has to:

A good leader has to

1) Get into the mind of his supporters
It may seem easy enough to do, but unless you can capture the imagination of the people then to get into their minds may be a bit difficult. In order to get into the minds, you have to have a strong sense of belonging and a good sense of direction. Not too arrogant but know how to move the masses. The entire person/leader has to be transformed; the body language must say “I am comfortable with myself...” Now that you are comfortable, you must also see yourself as the leader but not arrogant. Remember you are now getting into the psyche of your supporters, and being full of yourself will not win the masses. Your character must be one which persons recognise as acceptable, and you must be trustworthy.

2) Inspire the thought process of the group
What inspires you?
Now try to put yourselves into their shoes and see yourself being inspired and you should be able to translate. This should then give-way to your sharing of some sort of inspiration, which you can pass on to the group. It does not necessarily have to be the same things that inspire you but you should look to inspire your group. You’ll know when they have found it, since they will tell you either in action or in words, you will see it. Take time out to meet with them as individuals and also meet them collectively, show that you are the right person in the position, and that you are also human at times. Give them a good word...

3) Find a way into the hearts of the group being led
Notice how the cult leader works, they do exactly this step above and it somehow becomes magical. The group then supports the leader’s motives and objectives and each time there seems to be a usurping of authority the leader steps in and somehow weaves his magic. This tugs at the emotions, and there are times when the leader has to have that heart to heart. In addition you have to be sincere, if not, persons will easily see through the image projected.

Now, who says that this can’t be done for a good purpose? Without those three steps it’s flaccid.

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