Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Uniquely You = Viable

Take a good look at yourself firstly in the mirror then mentally. Guess what - you are unique, just like everyone else - fingerprint- biodata such as your eye and teeth or microsomal as your genetic composition.

Now multiplying many cells many times over and from this you can deduce that you have a talent, uniquely yours. So much so, that if I had your talent, I would be doing injustice in delivering results. This leads me to one suggested conclusion - YOU are viable, but - in order to get there you need to polish off the talent.

So here goes:
A] Find your talent
B] Practise makes practical - that is the polishing that you need to do

Once you get this far then this is how you make yoursef viable, market and advertise - its simple and inexpensive. Here is another bit, persons want you because of what you can contribute or in some parts of the caribbean may be translated as: "Its not who you know but, who knows you and what you can do! and I've proven this many times over.

While sitting in a marketing class late last year, i would sit quietly and absorb all the other contributions and try hard not to be noticed. The only thing that the class may have been aware of is that I'd leave before the class was over. The final exam results came around and during this period it got out that I was a business manager (the persons who spilled the beans need to read keeping secrets). Finding out who I was led to a flurry of persons saying what they can do or capable of - but they did not recognise that even prior to that point in time they would have already shown their true colours.

For me - the ability to "mask" somewhat led to some intrigue and created an atmosphere of demand. It was this demand that was used to generate an "advertising" awareness, such that it drew persons into the circle of association and created a demand. Note: this technique does not always work for everyone - and based on your talent, you have to find what works for you, and the process of finding out should be noted very carefully.

Market yourself - one author says to "Join a charitable organisation..." (W. Callender - Tools for Life). Tell your peers, and those you know that have your back, let them help of course you have to reciprocate. Do some volunteer work and get your name out there. Start a website and write thought provoking papers on your area of specialty. Who knows you may get at least 1% of the six billion persons out there interested in you and make you or your talent viable.

The marketing aspect will be continued later...


Anonymous said...

I agree fully and this is what you call sound advice. keep it coming

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to your updates...still wheeling from the one labled excitingly secret...need some more of that...on how to keep a secret.