Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fearing Success - I

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,
none but ourselves can free our minds...Robert(Bob)Marley

Take a brief look at those children around you, there is one thing which they easily possess. This thing is the lack of fear. Now take a look at ourselves and we notice that we have all kinds of phobias. Maybe this is due to whatever curcumstance(s) we may have endured, but there is somewhere in there the fear of something.

Bob Marley, recognising this ask us to emancipate from this form of slavery and become a successful individual. So often we know this or we've been told this, but then we find several reasons why we won't shouldn't or can't succeed. Think about it, you right now can list three things that you've always wanted to be good at (or do) but due to the fear of embarrassment, the fear of losing or some other similar factor never achieve this personal goal.

Furthermore you fear success, because you will stand out from the crowd - So WHAT? The crowd needs someone to look up to and you may as well do the job. Rather than fearing success, this should now be constructed to believe in success. Of course with success, (whatever your definition of sucess) comes responsibility to yourself and to others.

Remember how you became successful and also build on your success, it makes no sense stopping now does it?

Before you become successful you have to climb out of your present circumstance...

Success is your Redemption Song.

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