Friday, March 7, 2008

Get yourself some Me-Time!!!

Did you get some me-time today?

Make sure you get...

While working today, i realised that my mobile was going on and on, and my email was coming in by the ton and the pull on myself by others wanting immediate attention and action all had me in shambles. Not just throw into that the urgent meetings and appointments and all of this supposed to happen before lunch.

Somewhere in there I managed to ask myself - What was for lunch? Then hunger started to set in. This caused me to slow down a bit as the energy levels started to wane and when the available options were considered there was somewhat a bit of panic. Do you want fast food again? or Should you take - a la carte? I'm sure you understand exactly what I was going through, or know someone who is going through it right now.

Then the next moment was very important... I HIT PAUSE...I had too.
I did nothing - (not like those persons who go to work and do nothing all day - i'm sure you can think of a few), and I went and got myself some me-time. It was during this time that I went for a drive, sat outside of a nice cake & pastry shop and paused, not only physically now but also mentally. It was a chance to clear my mind and just watch those others who seem to have forgotten to take a bit of me-time. During this the banana bread seemed to taste heavenly and the mocha amor (coffee) was just right and the kids running to get ice-cream was also fun to watch. I was now some much more relaxed, that I now had less mental stress and the creativity flowed. Creativity flowed and I got a chance to jot down some points on a paper bad and not care about what the mass of confusion might have been.

The me-time felt good such that a quick snap of those around again suggested that they didn't get any me-time. The health benefits of me-time outweighed the most important things at that poin in time:

Here's why:
Me-time gives you a chance to relax = stress reduction
stress reduction = a happy heart and arteries

During me-time, you have time to think a little and be creative too and also enjoy life. You do not know how long you are going to live so you might as well enjoy the few moments.

Smile and find something to smile about, you'll also look more attractive for it.
Laugh and you'll massage your liver and also increase your endorphines.

You will realise that on leaving me-time, its like a new approach, fresh start, fresh ideas and you seem to get more accomplished. As simple as this sounds, persons forget to take this important bit of time and they lose out on its therapeutic benefits

Try some me-time and let me know how it works for you! this should be very interesting...

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