Monday, March 3, 2008

Excitingly Secret

How do you keep a secret? => Forget about it - ok!

Speaking from a caribbean perspective, keeping a secret becomes very difficult. Just in case you didn't know, each island in the caribbean is one large community. That is, if you sneezed in the North of the island the south will know within 10 minutes of the occurrence. Furthermore, within the hour the other islands know what took place.

There is no such things as "not being able to keep a secret" - sure you can keep it, but, the individual is the one who makes the conscious decision whether to or not. Keeping a secret somehow gives you a feeling of power and being in charge - since you know something that the masses don't. I'll list a few of my suggestions:

A Secret + You =

(a) you leave town
(b) You forget the secret within a few minutes

This way you do not spoil it for anyone...but more on a serious reflection:

1) Forget the secret - as in, consciously place it out of your current perspective
2) Steer clear of any compromising conversations
3)Do NOT Lie - if your position looks as if it is going to be compromised - especially if asked a question, rebut by asking what use will it be to the individual(s) and go to step 4 (if they don't get the hint)
4) Change the subject - and subtlely if you don not want to be rude.
5) Admit that the individual has placed their trust in you to keep their secret. This lends to your reputation of being trusted and credible soaring through the roof.
6) Get excited about the secret, live the moment and get over it.
7) Remember a secret is really between ONE person and your are the fortunate ONE.
8) If in the caribbean - go to the beach...this tends to help you clear your mind as you may need some space to "breathe"

These few tips may be ingeniously applied with your own tastes to whatever exciting secret that you may be keeping...

Guess what - The Caribbean - is also full of exciting secrets

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