Saturday, March 1, 2008

Let it Breathe

In the Caribbean, there is a saying that goes, "A watched pot never boil...", or in language of those outside of the caribbean - "a watched clock never moves..."

No matter how you look at it, when you constantly want something to happen now or with immediacy, it always seem to take forever, this reminds me of what one musician said to another. When arranging music you have to give the music a chance to breathe. Whatever situation you are currently in, "let it breathe", as much as you want to get out of or into it quickly, sometimes all you need to do is to step back. Sometimes it is difficult to step back - but look at all those examples which you probably know already.

This is not to say - that you should not plan your route of entry or escape, but the ability to take yourself out of that stage is necessary. In fact, you should forget that you are in the situation or forget about the project. Forgetting helps you since the break away from being so close to the situation gives you a chance to be fresh with ideas or solutions when you do decide to come back to it. How many times have you heard that when a painter is working on his canvas that as much as it looks complete to the average person it is never finished to the painter.

Even if he takes a "break" lets call it an art-show or a public viewing, somehow whenever he sees his piece of work after that break, there is new inspiration. Remember during the public viewing, he would have also received comments and critiques which he will sift through. Letting the art breathe gives him a fresh perspective.

Primarily in the caribbean, where life is alot more relaxed you are prone to break each chance you get to look or receive a new inspiration. In the caribbean - there is enough blues and greens and beach and ocean to go to when you need the break, and things happen slower. This has over time proven challenging to persons outside of the caribbean who come to the caribbean.
I'm going to go and relax, afterall that is what the caribbean is about.

Do you know how to step back?

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