Thursday, February 28, 2008


Maintaining your edge...

How do you do this? Here's some suggestions:
Read something that causes you to think; something that causes you to laugh; something that causes you to cry.
Brain power happens when you exercise your brain, after all it is an intellectual muscle. Do a puzzle or play monopoly/scrabble that causes all of those synapses to fire. When you are finished rest - do nothing, relax or meditate.
In between all of this, surround yourself with persons who you consider to have an edge.Somewhere in-between there should be wit with a smattering of humour. Now once the right balance of these ingredients is achieved then you will have your edge. The edge is another perspective of Darwin's, survival of the fittess. Howeverm once you have gotten the edge which you desire, then there is the need to maintain it and keep growing on what you built. This can be easy - just remember that your brain is an intellectual muscle - just work it.

I'm sure that you know of other ways to enhance your let me know!!

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