Friday, February 22, 2008

Move from Inferiority Complex in Confidence

First step out of the pit...

Of my few interactions with persons, I started to realise that quite a few of them had a bit of an inferiority complex...(lets call this an "i.c"). In some cases this "i.c" can be easily identified and in others it is hidden. In the first set of individuals where I saw this "i.c" coming out, I recognised that my exuberant personality literally kept them in their shell. Do you know that when you have an interaction there is a chemical reaction as well and a "human" reaction that goes with it. In these cases I was not feeling the "human" reaction, and immediately I pulled back on my exuberant energy levels.

A way to explain the pulling back of the energy levels is like - asking an open ended question to your friend and wait for an answer...such that there can be no "yes" or "no" answer given but some dialogue.

Here's a few suggestions on stepping out of the pit, in confidence...

Remember - You are just as good as anyone else.
Even though your talents differ, your undiscovered or even hidden potential (as in you hidding it) makes you a force to recon with. Treasure this potential, because some persons secretly wish that they had your talent. All you have to do is - load up with the confidence that you've got something that some others do not have which makes you powerful. In other words you are equal. Now that you are armed you should take the next move.

Remember - where did you start?
The reason you need to remember where you started should be that you want to inspire someone else who may be in the same predicament. In adddition the starting point should be used as a tool to make you progress further since you want to get farther and farther from that start point. As you get farther from the start point, do not trivialise this point as you become more confident in your journey if not you may go full circle and end back in the same "pit".

Remember - What is your motivation?
Find some form of inspiration which in effects keep you focus. This should become your hope and your bedrock which you should build. For some persons it may be a belief system, but remember you have to be also strong enough that should you get an emotional earthquake that you can dust yourself off and rebuild.

Remember - Surround yourself with human power houses.
You may find that after you start to surround yourself with persons who are positive in energy and have a stong inspiration and outlook, that you feel the effects rub off on your own persona.
In fact - there is some gravitation of these persons to you similar to the "human" reaction, such that you come into your own confidence with their assistance. This should in effect also guide you to be a role model/example to others in the inferiority dilema. You now become a human power house.

Sometimes as a musician - when I am in the in company of revered musicians, knowing their profile and the ripples of accolades, the initial reaction is - hmmm what am I doing here? These guys can practically do the production without me, and I am much lesser in my "influence" or so it feels. However, I had to buckle up and get on with the job directing these accomplished musicians (I climbed out of the pit) and they had to follow my lead, which, they were prepared and hired to do. You should not be pompous with this, but stay cool and gel with the heavy rollers, such that eventually without you realising it you become a somewhat heavy roller. In effect I chose to be confident and erase the initial sensation of "i.c", which led me to conclude that this is your choice.

Here's the punch: Make Confidence - by choice.

Start to stepping...

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