Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Expression of Positive

The secret to ensuring that you are a successful person, is to ensure that you express the positives in those around you...

Well, we know that there are several bits of information out there, which give directions and definitions of success. They tell you what road to take, how much of this you need and how much of the other is necessary. You should at some point - hopefully sooner rather than later, analyse how you are expressing the positives in those around you.

Just to be clear, this does not deal with you being expressed through persons, nor persons acting as your clone. This thought process deals with the way your circle of influence behaves as a result of you. Lets simplify: - Those around you (friends/family/neighbours/associates...etc) = Your Circle; The positives: - Their strenghts and talents, and the ability to demonstrate their qualities; You - how do you get it to happen? You must be able to express the positives in your character first, in order to unearth it in others. You may say - that is just so simplistic but this is where you have to start. It is like when we went for our job interview, we try to demonstrate to the potential employer that we are the best (positives) person for the job. Often we look for the most complexed way to tackle something, when that may not even be necessary. We've all done it.

You are the team leader. Wether you accept it or not , in order to bring the positives out, someone has to take command of the circle. Effectively managing your team, requires you to maximise the positives in them. The result is that your leadership or management ability to make that team function, will determine your success or failure. How do persons react/respond to you? Do you have difficulty trying to get them to "run" effectively? Then look at them and see how you "tweak" their positives...

I remember leading a team of about seven at the time, and i had to catch up in how to manage and dealing with group dynamics and some of the stuff you learn while it happens. Keeping them informed as much as I could of all the developments within the company, empowered me to gain their trust and showed creditibility to both sides. Doing this was important as they had to prove their value worth to the company as this was a new initiative and also the potential to win was very strong and need to be effectively channelled.

What better way to get them to double the expression of their positive than to hire one of their own team members as the liasion. It must be noted that this in effect led to a multiplying of the group success. This move made them feel empowered and whatever project or move I wanted to make was so much easier. Here's why: The point person, (the one who was fully hired), knew even more than I, the strengths and weaknesses. Based on the project at the time, my point person was consulted and the best person in the team for a specific project was chosen. This also proves that success is a collaborative effort, as well ascexpressing those positives in others.

Expressing the positives, and the belief that they were competent, meant that the ability to win was easier. Its like one production director I used to work with said, "...lets ensure as much as possible, to highlight the team performing well as a group, rather than one one member of the team doing extremely well.

What positive are you making happen in your circle?

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