Friday, March 14, 2008

Running with Rats

Of all the motivational books and seminars which I’ve been involved with, this rat race phenomenon kept popping up in one form or other. The last speech a colleague gave me recently was that I needed to join his new club/group and this will get me out of the rat race. This of course led me to ask myself: 1) Am I in a rat race? & 2) Do I look like I’m in a rat race? As some point in time – ask yourself this question and take a serious look at your answer, then analyze your answer in six months.

Then I concluded within myself that I’m NOT in a rat race!!

It further dawned on me, that perhaps my colleague may have been the one trying to get “out” of his perceived rat race and in order to get his sales pitch of this new club across decided to make me think or to suggest that I’m in a race furthermore a rat race. Two things here: a) You are in a rat race – if you believe that you are in it; I don’t care how poor or rich you are – you can decide to b) live outside of this phenomenon.

This brought me to conclude that it is a psychological thing, and unless you so desire, there is no need to neither join some expensive club membership nor pay some high flying talking head. It’s just simply to decide that you will change or enhance your lifestyle in such a way as to break this vicious cycle, its easy, like I said it is in your mind.

Note: your rat race will be different to that of others after all we are all unique just like everyone else. Some persons feel powerful by attempting to keep you or force you into this rat race. Be vigilant to see when there is a race line forming and head in the next direction. In fact keep a journal and determine to achieve a little something every month, conserve your energies, strategize your move, and you become more efficient. Now if you decided to do a “race” it will be on your terms and be sure to always enjoy the scenery when you go on this journey.

No longer a circle but a straight line over coming those obstacles..

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