Monday, March 17, 2008


Have you ever gotten a good Caribbean Whooping?

Amidst those trends outside of the Caribbean, the Caribbean parent generally still like to use corporal punishment, that is, a good lash/whipping. This form, usually used as a last resort as a form of punishment, has kept what some would say an orderly society.

Let's apply this method to the path of success...

When you start to work on your objective in the success light, everything will be fine and dandy until those things which somehow pop up and detract you. You know, these detractors happen at very crucial points such as making a decision, or, where someone is depending on your support. Sometimes you recognise the error immediately and of course other times there is the long tailed repercussions. This is where you feel the "whipping" or the punishment for not being fully disiplined to stay focused, you or the person who was depending on you gets hurt. We all feel bad and then depression steps in. In fact this also happens when you are tricked.

Now when you are tricked or conned, you may still be partly responsible. Always remember, nothing comes without a price, and as simple as we know this, we seem to somehow forget our gut feeling that something is not quite right and the unsettled sensation when the numbers don't add up. Furthermore, you should be in a position that when you crawl out of your depression you would have built up some resistance to that last detraction. In other words it should be whipped...

As natural progression shows, the stronger you get, in avoiding/handling the detractors the tougher they become when you get closer to success. This is what also makes success even more tasty, since just before you reach your goal there always seem to be a moat. Guess what - during the crawl/run/walk/jump to success - these obstacles should have taught you to have become an athelete.

Lets whip the detractors - shall we?

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