Wednesday, March 19, 2008

DAM !!!

Do not

It was over lunch with an associate that this simple but very strong statement struck me. It rang out when we realised that in our part of the world (the caribbean) quite a number of persons feel down right comfortable accepting any old lame thing. They may accept this mediocrity for varying reasons, but I will equate this to having little or no standards. in order to comply with this command, you have to have some dignity and the ability to recognise what you will or won't stand for in terms of quality.

DAM - is a two way street, which follows the golden rule such that if you do not accept mediocrity then do not give it. Lets make this applicable, when you purchase a burger from a well established and branded franchise you expect to be greeted by the staff and the staff is expected to be pleasant and also the burger is expected to be well prepared and presented. Should any or all of the foregoing not be met - you get upset, losing your temper and not bother to return to the establishment. During this scene, several things may have happened here, you recognise that the staff were unpleasant and immediatly your alarm bells go off, your heart rate increases (blood pressure - check) - and you may say that this is not to my acceptable standards. Ah Ha!!!

Acceptable standards mean that you recognise whether the quality meets your taste or not! When you DAM, your circle of friends and associates respect you for it, your cohorts/contemporaries respect you for it and the natural progression is that you have now moved the "bar" higher. Guess what, you quality of life is enhanced and you may even become the envy of others. Therefore on your road to success, apply the DAM technique and your tastes become even more refined.

Some persons read this and think that this is all fine and dandy, and does not apply to them but it is imperative that you try it once. Just once, decide to apply the DAM technique. Before you do start, let someone know and they become your witness/support system, then see the difference it makes.

Warning: This DAM technique has to be done with attitude...

D. A. M !!!

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