Friday, March 21, 2008

Friend Indeed...

Your best friend may be your biggest enemy and your enemy your friend - Rob. (Bob) Marley

How many friends do you have? and
How many friends did you lose?

All big questions which usually take time to answer. Then, you may ponder all of the bad things which your friend may have done to you and forget about the things which we may have done to them. Think about how that friendship would have started - maybe someone helped out or you have met at college or even in a bar or church. I'm sure that now you think about it, this initial reaction was a pleasant one. I remember about 7 or so years ago that I had met someone who was cool and we became friends, looking out for each other and we were frank with each other. We worked together and everything was good for years.

Consider what you purpose is on earth! Maybe it is to help persons or to be someone's friend and not just to consume food and water. Some traditions look for the higher self, and others sacrifice themselves in order to be self-less. As a friend we should be at times self-less. Throughout this path, one is still in discovery mode, since it is so exciting to find a new piece of yourself, your ability and the development of the exploiting of this entity. Maybe you'll even discover new friends on this road and other friends continue on their orbital path only crossing ever so rarely.

So another member of my team wanted assistance and they approached me, fine I thought, I was was deing challenged then I would also want all of the help in the world. I said yes to my colleague and that I would garnish some resources. Who do you think I went to? Yup! my friend and their response was - I don't think that I can assist...Honest answer and I thought, fine no hard feelings, after all that is how we got along. By the afternoon my colleague, the one who asked form my help pulled me aside and indicated that my friend was making some scathing remarks on my character and what they thought I wanted the resources to do.

I felt betrayed...but I didn't believe it until I heard the same story from another person...I felt even more betrayed...It took some days to overcome the dark sensatons which I felt and the things which I wanted to do because of this slander. However, it is good not to act on first impulse at times, and I also ceased ties with my "friend".

I must indicate that you should not build up a wall/fort to prevent being hurt by another friend, but should be used to make one stronger to handle similar situations. There are different types of friends some short term and others long term - know them, and the difference in them.

Also, look within yourself, and try to see if you may have done something to have caused that split to happen and lose a friend. Make a note, and be the mature one, if you think that you can go to your "friend" and see how you can resolve the issue. Refocus your energies and plod along, life is not over and look toward the next rush!

Friends come and go - be prepared for the transition...

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Creative Corey said...

Nice post, yeah man betrayal can be a real bitch! It hurts like hell, but as you said its important not to put up a wall. It makes no sense closing yourself to the world and denying good relationships to form and take it to the next level. Like your post before, we have to be bold and not accept shit. But we have to be able to just take a few hits and learn from them and become smarter.