Sunday, March 23, 2008

Attraction Distraction (AD)

I found, that writing this piece at this time was a challenge. Amidst all of the various forms of inspiration and experiences the ability to just do it and write and achieve my goals felt a bit more difficult. There was no writer's block, neither was I so bored as not wanting to write, but there were so many distractions that I started to lose focus. This is what I now refer to as the attraction distraction. There is usually a good example of this when all of the guys in a group suddenly go quite as a vivacious female passes by, and the conversation ceases, this - is attraction distraction.

Anyway, there is the need to stay focused as much as possible on the thing which you want to achieve. One author I read, stated that when you eat, sleep and dreamt your achievement, it comes so much easier. This holds true since all of the energies in and around you support/act to aid in you achieving the goal. Do you think that you are going through attraction distraction? Here are some symptoms:
  • Your goals presently look less appealing than your current interest
  • You find that you are spending your energy pursuing things which may not contribute to your specific goal
  • There is enough time to do all other interests but seem not to find enough time to focus on your goal

Well, I do not have a full solution for attraction distraction, but to just watch out for the onset of the symptoms. To counter the onset of, or the early stages of attraction distraction, it may be useful to chat with a mentor or confidant who can have your best interest in mind and who may also dare you to stay focused. In one recent calypso - "I Dare You" - the singer (Destra) suggests to the guy who is watching from a corner, to dare to come and dance with her. Obviously the guy was a bit intimidated and the girl doing the daring was in a power/commanding position.

Lets apply this: We should be working then towards the position of daring to achieve success...on little goal at a time. I'm sure we've all heard this but it is worth saying again.

In other words - Command Success from Attraction Distraction

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