Thursday, September 18, 2008

Six Inch Heel

I was recently admiring a young lady and the six inches of heels which she wore. At that point in time she is standing in one position and more or less remained in a very classy poise. This as I commented was the ultimate in grace and form. Then, there came the point in time where she had to move from this position and leave the establishment. Of course as mentioned before the heels look like six or seven inches and did this lady wobble across the floor, as she made her way to the door.

It was this which prompted me to write about the six inch heel, since out of this scenario can be derived two types of personalities. The two characters would be: 1) The person who is comfortable and shows the comfort in what they do; and 2) The person who trys to be comfortable and wobbles to make themselves appear comfortable. Lets look at them both.

1) When a lady, is comfortable in her six inch heel, she stands tall, she seems confident and her walk is as if she glides across the room, all the while making everything look effortless. Similarly, as you come into a position of decision making you should be comfortable enough to stand tall work up the confidence and deliver. Note that leaders as per a previous post, exude confidence that literally forces the group to follow. As our model walks around, she knows that there are eyes on her and that there are persons ooohing and aaahing about the shoes, and even though we do not like it, the leader will also get that oooh and aah.

2) Conversely there are those who try to be comfortable, but they seem to make a mess of how they walk and there is the ultimate fear that they may also trip. Need I say that they air of grace and control seems to lack and they stumble towards you as you brace for their presence. There are those leaders who hobble along the path. Sometimes that leader is us (you & me), trying to get comfortable with those around us and forgetting that we should practise being comfortable with ourselves first. Then, rather than practising on the 2-inch heel we want to jump straight to the heavy rollers, not learning the lessons of progression. In addition, the position of decision making becomes littered with indecision and blunders and then the masses lose confidence in you as an inspiration. Remember, when you go to vote, you have an image of a strong individual as you cast your ballot, not someone who bumbles along.

So, let us make it a point to ensure that our lives and the current position which we hold, we become comfortable in them first before moving onto the next level. Do not forget to draw on those resources around us, to which we must learn from, as well as when making a decision, be positive that this is the best possible choice made under the current circumstances. Note the high society persons have image consultants who work on keeping up the good appearance of the client. You can use those around you to assist in your positive image and ensuring a confident look is achieved.

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