Thursday, August 7, 2008

Spending 9/10ths of Your Money

I was doing a bit of reading recently and came across three concepts of financial maturity and just had to read it, (i would encourage you to visit the site as well). Those three simple concepts have proven that some of the big packages do arrive in simple wrapping. What, should become clearer in this message though is that we should manage our financial resources like how we would manage our business, whether personal or professional. That is, if you can't handle it get help. No one becomes mature overnight and no one has all of the answers however if you seek advice about managing your finances then you are in a better position to tell others and keep the link going.

So, there is the innate desire to "want" and the human will to forget about need, however the developed/maturing person recognises the difference and work on acknowledging it. When you are working on your success - you surround yourself with persons whose resources you can tap into, in this case financial. I speak to so many persons who find it difficult to grow into financial maturity, but you know the reason that they don't is that they are afraid to make the step.

There is a bit which inspires me from Iyanla Vanzant, she says in order to become rich you start with a cent. The cent is like the baby, and the penny is the sister, the 5 cent like brother and 10 cent and so on until the dollar which is like the parent. Therefore if you gather the baby (cents) together you accumulate and attract the rest of the family. Of course i'll tell you not to look at this just literally but find the bigger picture. So - plan your course, plan your goal and plan the finances around them being sure not to overstep yourself and not being afraid to be conservative against others who look like they have it all. Like the Richest Man in Babylon says: if you spend - spend 9/10th of what you have in hand, then you will always have something in hand. Trying it this week - as much as possible spend up to a maximum of 9/10ths of what ever cash you have and see that each time the remainder grows.

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