Sunday, August 3, 2008

5 - Reasons Quitting Is Better

When you are running a show there are two words which you may need to keep as part of your vocabulary. Those two words - you've guessed it - "I Quit"...So often we pursue a goal which we've gotten so close too and not realise that we need to cut our ties, and in effect save time and money. This is like the boy/girl relationship so many of us have, where we seem to be putting in all of the effort and the other seems to be in for the free ride. You know what - they are indeed getting the free ride and you the good samaritan, but then one day, you wisen up, and what you do? You give them the boot and quit dealing with the bum, its better for you. In quitting this time it is better for you, but you have to recognise this and gear yourself up for it because you will feel devastated even if it was for a short time.

Now I was involved with the planning committee for an event, things were going well and all participants who were part of the organising of the event were doing their part. Then there was the group who we were organising the event for, and one got to recognise that persons in this group were just not following through. For example, they needed to work on individual projects for presentation and only 25% of them managed to show any sort of input and promise. Therefore as a business decision needed to be made four weeks away from the deadline, the most sensible one to make was to quit.

Five reasons Quitting is better:
1) You save your time and that of any others involved
In this case you deal with those who will become angered and those who become despondent and manage your own emotions. Ask them what they would have done if in a similar position weighing the pros and cons. Makes no sense working at an inefficient rate of 25%.

2) You save resources - it is more expensive fo produce at the 25% rate than the 80-90% rate

3) You save money - just cut your loses, and realise that a penny saved and a penny earned works in your favour here. I think this is also self explanatory...

4) You save your reputation - especially based on the situation, you look better producing at optimum. For instance no one feels good planning at a hit rate of 1 in 4. Furthermore - you still have some of your own sanity to preserve as well as your own ego. As much as persons indicate that they are not in anything for self - I will boldly state that there is some amount of self/ego in there.

5) You get to keep your sanity - Need I say more? However you get a take on this - you peace of mind is important.

Even though this post is about reasons to quit...I'll just end by saying...Don't Quit - its the easiest way out but sometimes its the only way out.

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Maverick said...

I just posted my view on this situation, and while I whole-heartedly agree, as someone that place alot of themselves into the project, I'm still licking my wounds. See my blog for more details.