Sunday, August 10, 2008

Come on Baby, Light My Fire - In 3 Steps

"Come on Baby, light my fire..." these Doors lyrics can be interpreted now in so many ways, with so many connotations. However in this instance we look at the example you have on your circle of influence. Even though I touched on this a few months/posts ago, I felt inclined to take another look at this in a slightly different case. There is a certain karma which each person has, however strong or faint which may cause one person to "light" another. I'll show you what I mean, and what led me to write this post.

Just a few days ago, I purchased a book and had an opportunity to meet with the author. I did highlight to the author that i'd blog on some of the stuff in the book and my interpretation of some of the chapters. It was during the conversation that I recognised that the author had a light bulb moment. I even understand that our conversation was used to ignite further such that other. One must take into consideration that three steps are important:
Step 1: Be Receptive - Coals 1
When you take a look at a set of coals you realise that they do not resist the fire of their neighbouring coal. And the entire set remains ambient for a very long time. Do you think that you can do that? So oft we as humans lose that human-ness since we build a wall around ourselve in order to protect our own egos.

Step 2: Share - Coals 2
Furthermore have you ever removed one coal from a whole set of coals? That one coal will try to burn/kindle whatever it comes into contact. In addition in the Caribbean, you recognise that villages live just the same, they share the joys and sorrows of the villagers and some may even call them malicious(inquisitive). The Caribbean community still live as if there is so much family around them, for example when a member dies that community shuts down and attends the service. How many other countries outside of the Caribbean do you know that this sharing goes on.

Step 3: Learn for when the cycle begins again.
It would be hard to have to learn the same idea over and over. We as persons should be graduating each time a fire is lit. This enables us to grow and develop.

Now when you look at it, take a look at your concentric circles of concern and see how you can create or even ignite further a blaze.

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