Thursday, August 14, 2008

Justifying our Actions in 3 Points

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I've decided to touch on a few reasons why persons may find it necessary to justify their actions, especially persons who may be guilty of one thing or the other. I cannot tell you if you specifically will find an answer by the time you get to the end but at least I want to try shoving your thinking a little bit. Please also bear in mind that these are also real individuals, since I believe that it is real situations that make us and that's why you will continue to read on.

Lets look at this guy - Mac - who is considered by many to be short and sometimes attention seeking. I had the opportunity to meet Mac on several occasions, and realised that there are some tendencies to be attention seeking. Lets highlight that this is not a psyco-analysis of Mac, however there were some strange actions which seemed to simulate the actions of a dog on a fire hydrant. First question which came to mind was, Why? Then as was prefaced in this instance, mac was attention seeking and needed to command his audience. The only way sometimes persons think that they endear themselves to others is by drawing attention to themselves. It is this same strategy that Mac (or as someone indicated to me his nickname as second hopper), use to attract some females. It only works for the time being. Mac may have all of the material things available, but human-ness and self confidence may need topping up.

Second instance:
Mr. Neal - who is a sales guy tried to sell me the idea of playing the lottery. Now I am not a proponent of this sort of gaming and therefore was not convinced by any methods which games of chances use. In this case Mr. Neal, used as a reference his knowledge of the Holy Bible, indicating that there is no where in the Holy Bible that states that you should not play the lottery. Again, I am not proporting to be big on all of the principles of the bible but at least there are some moral positions which one has to take. Now here again is Mr. Neal, is looking to convince himself and myself that there is nothign wrong with playing the lottery. What I would also suggest is that Mr. Neal should not have to press so hard on my thought process to convince me that there is nothing wrong here. In fact, I dare say that maybe one of the same moral positions may be pricking Mr. Neal's conscience in order to slap him into justifying his position.

Another take on this is that as long as you as an individual feel comfortable and confident within yourself there is no need to "justify" your action, since you have become settled internally. That is, you will be able to sleep at night. Mind you, one cannot do this without some level of confidence if not you will start a vicious cycle of doubting yourself that your actions were justified and your outlook on life is changed negatively and you become depressed. This is not a justifying action!!! Furthermore, as someone who was reading this chapter said, you can easily become walled in showing an extroverted facade making everyone thing life's a breeze or introverted and withdrawn with a "shy" demeanor.

Consider next time that when you try to justify your action that:

1) You can only try to convince yourself that you've vindicated yourself

2) After a while no one believes you when you struggle to justify your actions

3) Can you sleep comfortably afterwards?

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Maverick said...

I found this post particularly enlightening. Anymore advice for Mac and Mr. Neal?