Thursday, May 1, 2008

Men crying???

It takes a man to cry but it takes more of a man to watch that man cry

It is amazing that even as we climb the pathway to success, we as human beings still have to at some point in time deal with our feelings. In this case we look at feelings of sadness. Overtime some persons have mastered the technique of suppressing their emotions, particularly those emotions of sadness or depression. Those times when we fail to achieve what we wanted or someone in our network of associates let us down big time. For a man to cry in the Caribbean, it usually means that he has had a real traumatic experience, since other than that it is not the macho thing to do…

When you look at emotion,
Women let it pervade whatever they go to do & wherever they go
Men – compartmentalize emotion and that’s it.

Ok so what that means is that usually when there is a very sappy story and a decision has to be made, a woman more than likely will make that decision based on emotion, and the man will make that decision generally outside of emotion. In running a business there are times when things seem so rough that you are convinced that you may be in the wrong place doing the wrong thing. This may include things like insomnia, depression, anger and frustration to name a few and you want to give up. When this happens the man may become so overwhelmed that he is struck by emotion, in such a way that it can’t be controlled. The man – Cries. I guarantee you that when a woman sees a man cry, she will become moved by emotion and she will sob.

In this innate touch of emotion there is then a new awakening of the inner self, such that things become so very clear. Thoughts become shaper, ideas more focused and the man becomes tougher. In some parts of the Caribbean, it is suggested that a boy becomes a man when a girl has broken his heart and he hits that state of “depression”, the boy toughens from the sappy individual to a man.

A business should not be run based on emotion but on a pragmatic approach. However the low moment in the cellar of ones private retreat gives one a chance to reconnect with their emotion and fears in what success holds even if it is just a glimmer. It takes a man to cry…

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