Sunday, May 11, 2008

The higher the monkey climbs

Too many times I've seen in the Caribbean, that when we've believe that we've "made it", we become so very arrogant. In this perspective it is un-becoming and unnecessary, rather, the successful person should remain humble. Rather, they should look at acclaimed musicians who recognise the fragility of being in such a "successful" position. Being in this successful position as an accomplished musician, they generally go around at time unassuming, since a broken or sprained finger for a violinist halts his success or poor eye sight end the career of the conductor.

Success, if it goes to your head, is bad for your health almost like an overdose of the acohol levels in the blood. You go dizzy and then you drop hard, along with the need/desire to reach the heights from which you came. The example may be told of the arrogant conductor, who during rehearsals and previous recitals hardly acknowledged the orchestra or the contribution which they made. A major recital was up coming, and the pompous conductor in his usual flair ascended the position in front of the orchestra and took his baton up and signalled his instructions to the orchestra. The orchestra members all took up their instruments - the timpanist and percussionists were ready, the other instrumentalists were poised to begin. At the movement of the baton the orchestra is supposed to play, so, the conductor moved his baton in his usual pompous style, in the packed concert hall and as if on cue there was a deafening silence. No one moved, not a string was bowed, not a instrument was blown - not a sound. The audience was stunned, the orchestra kept quiet and the conductor turned blue and he wished the spot he was standing on could swallow him. He bombed!!!

As lofty as our life circumstances and opportunities present to us, we should not become arrogant...Don't mess with the people who help make you successful.

There is a proverb in the Caribbean - The higher the monkey climbs, the greater his tail is exposed. It may be suggested that any arrogance, especially from your success, that it be left for the monkey. In fact I bet that you can think of at least one person, who is so full of arrogance, and I can almost hear you just ooze with a bit of anger or frustration or even a chuckle as the image flashes across the mind's eye. I bet that your are sure to say that it isn't you... :)

Stay cool...and not arrogant...we can sure do without them...

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Jacqueline said...

Yes. I could name one or two, but that would be rude. :-)