Friday, April 25, 2008

Caffeine - 5 Secrets in 1 Cup

"How does caffeine work in the body? It first stimulates our central nervous system. Your heart rate will increase. Your pupils will dilate. Your muscles will tighten and glucose is released into your blood system. Now you are on a caffeine buzz...." by Linda M. McCloud, published Feb 22, 2006.

So, as the successful person that you are - go ahead - drink a cuppa...Don't feel guilty either, you deserve it. Yes, you deserve to feel good, better yet...feel GREAT! This is good especially when attending a very important meeting and you need to be on top and in charge. This does not mean being arrogant though - as no one likes to deal with anyone who is a pompous pig. Notice how somehow, persons who run things seem to achieve? Yup, they've mastered these 5 secrets which you can derive from caffeine too, but only use the caffeine as a jump start. I repeat - only use the caffeine to propel and not to sustain the five things which you need.

Caffeine will:
1) Stimulate your Central Nervous System…this can also occur when you are startled or when you’ve just gotten the best news for the day…Your nerve endings will go on fire and start sparking like the car engine and fire away like the machine guns in a war field.
You relay messages faster than you thought you could in fact as the messages are being composed they are simultaneously being relayed. Now that you’ve gotten the visual effect, you have to stimulate your nervous system. It is always good to have some fear/butterflies before you go into your big meeting with the executives or with the CEO or with your pep talk. It is the butterflies which – stimulate your Central Nervous System, and get you into firing mode. Compare this to when you stand in front of an audience and there are no butterflies, you start to make some dumb mistakes and you mess up, there is no drive, your energy is lackluster and YOU WILL FAIL.

2) Your Heart Rate Increases…
When you’ve had that cup, you may not realize a dramatic increase in heart rate if you’ve been doing this for years but if you’ve only just started back having that cup of caffeine then you’ll definitely feel the heart pumping away. This is your adrenaline rush and it prepares you for the fight you’ve got to take on. You’ve got to fight at winning and fight to remain focus, and fight to overcome any perceived odds. When you are ready to win your body goes into the mode to deliver the goods and the blood flow must get all of the organs – supplied, and I bet you notice that you start to perspire. An alternative way to meet success head on is to exercise regularly. This exercise will get the heart rate up and yup while it is elevated you are also benefiting physically and you will become fit. You must be ahead of the game when competing for success, and you can’t be unfit, in fact you must be so clear in your perspective that you know what your plans are to achieve the success “dash” that you’ve got ahead.

3) Your Pupils Dilate…
“The better to see you with…”
You vision improves – and things which persons saw as a challenge you see the opportunity. Your image of winning success becomes clearer and your focus on this goal sharpens. Focus, amidst the detractors, and your body responds to assist in the completion of that goal. The hands and feet will act to pull things together and your brain will process the image of success and winning such that it becomes a reality…your reality.

4) Muscles tighten
This is your machinery getting in gear to work. Have you ever seen an athlete just before leaving the starter’s block? This is exactly how you should be poised for your achievement, with all of that energy built up whether mentally or physically you should have that all under your belt. Of course, no one does this over night and it is not recommended that you do – if not again YOU WILL FAIL. However practice, practice and practice some more and then you will get into fine form. Practice talking and motivating others to achieve their potential, in addition you have to equip yourself and in effect go to your mentor and get coached.

5) You Buzz…It just happens…

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