Monday, April 21, 2008

Buy a Pair of Shoes

I decided upon a size and make, and got a new pair of shoes, tried them on in the store and they felt good. I took them off and put back on my old pair and they felt horrible. Immediately I knew my decision to buy a new pair of shoes was justified, but for further conviction, I strutted around in the new pair, looking in the mirror and asking the advice of others along with that of the sales clerk.

Somehow when I had on the old pair, everything felt “okay” and I was comfortable in what I was wearing. Similarly when I tried the new ones on for comfort, a “new” sense of what comfort was came over me. While I was wearing the new pair, I made a mental note, and realized that I had also changed in my personality. There was a greater sense of self-confidence, as well as my posture straightened and my speech eloquence was enhanced, there was a euphoric atmosphere. This also made me realize, why persons go shopping to get away from their fears or to drown their sorrows.

Now, every care is taken neither to scuff the shoes nor to damage them too quickly…

Here’s what:

A] Sometimes – it just takes a little purchase or splurging to build up your self confidence. If you doubt me, look at all those CEO’s around the place, they have to dress the part. In fact even when they are not in the office they still dress the CEO part, look around and see.

B] Image – says a lot. Even though we should not ever, ever judge a book by its cover, first impression is 90%. This is seen also in everyday living, where a guy approaches a girl, and based on her preferences and tastes she may draw an impression of that guy based on his fingernails or his haircut or even his walk. Again, why do you think the chef in restaurants work so hard to give impressive designs on the plate – and you know the food only tastes half good. Image, image, image – and be imaginative with it.

C] It is not as expensive as you think. There is nothing which says you have purchase expensive brand name clothing. One thing which can be had easily is to start with inexpensive but quality materials whether shoes or purses or shirts or dress clothes. One website which I visit to get an idea on how to look the part is Now, I haven’t been able to find a similar website for women but I’m sure that there are a few out there and someone can suggest at least one. Anyway – look at and assess your wardrobe and look for those outfits which say to someone that you mean business and that you know what you are about. * note – business execs normally wear solid coloured suites and blue or white inside clothes.

D] Projection is reality. What you project to others can become a reality if you believe it. In the Caribbean, the projection of tourism as the lifeblood of the country’s survival, has so much become a reality that other industries have been neglected. On a more individual scale, when you project success and you start to convince yourself that you are successful then it becomes your reality. You may not notice the changes which work to make it a reality immediately, but you look at where you’ve started and then three months later where you’ve ended. There are immaterial things entities out there which, whatever you believe make up the composition and put things in place that your dream or projections become a reality.

E] Ask for help. It probably will be very easy when you start out, but then about 2 weeks later, you’ll need some help. That’s where friends and family, mentors and confidantes come into play. They are the ones who you call upon to give you that nudge or push in the right direction and remind you that you’ve got a goal in mind. There is one caveat to this: You have to reciprocate!

So - go buy a pair of shoes...and tell me about it...


Damien Riley said...

That's a great post! I agree new stuff can give you self confidence. Nice blog, I'll be back.

Ryan said...

Thanks Damien - appreciate the comment...The only thing is that i've got a whole set of persons goin out to purchase a pair of