Wednesday, April 16, 2008

7 Steps to Your Dreams

On speaking to a friend this morning and another in the afternoon, it made me realise that you can lose sight of your dream so easily.One young lady when we first met, had her eyes set on starting a project which over time and some effort would have grown and produce a product to which she would have been proud. That first meeting was about 4 years ago. Now after speaking with her today, I understood that it is like we are now beginning the project...and to my surprise she was! I exclaimed my surprise and asked - What had happened?

The answer - she had gotten distracted from her dream.
I asked her if she knew that she could have been doing well in her business? Her answer: Yes
I asked: What about your ambitions - don't you think that you could've been further? Her answer: Yes
I asked: Do you realise that 4 years is alot of time to have lost? Her answer: Yes

Then the formulae came:

1 - Write your dream down...
I recommend writing it down so that you can see it and it becomes something real. For example, for me - I have placed mine on the fridge door. Deliberately so, since the fridge is a high traffic location and each time the door is opened you see the dream. In addition the opening of the fridge door also represents a symbolism of the path to your dream being opened.

2] Keep a small copy of your dream in your purse or wallet. It must be in a position that it is ealiy seen when the purse is opened. As simple as this may appear, this reminder keeps your idea at the front of your mind. There can never be seeing too much of a reminder of your dream.

3] Set up a Barometer
Break your dream into smaller dreams. Whenever you achieve or master your little dream - make a note and have a little celebration. In addition, achieving the larger dream does not seem so difficult anymore. Be sure not to only focus on the little dream though, but use them as your steps.

4] Challenge yourself to achieve one of the little dreams ahead of schedule. This in effect pushes you to extend yourself a bit to achieve, plus, you can in theory, achieve your dream a bit faster. The net effect of this is that you keep the dream burning in your gut.

5] Talk about your dream. Look at how Martin Luther was able to move thousands with the words "...I have a dream..." and to this day that is one speech etched in history. In addition - his dream became the dream of others, so you should also take a hint.

6] Practise walking/fitting and trying on your dream for size. If you can't see yourself in it then it becomes harder. To be an ambassador you have to practise, and practise and practise, therefore apply this same principle to your dream. Imagine what you would be like when your dream comes true.

7] Dream Again - beacause you are on the path to your dream does not mean that you have to stop dreaming. In fact dreaming again may give clarity of vision or some form of motivation. There is some measure of euphoria when you dream and you aspire to achieve, so why not dream again?

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