Saturday, April 12, 2008

Age is a number

You are not too old...

In the Caribbean, the thinking is that the age of 40 years represents a downhill slide in your activity, and, anytime you think that you can't achieve then it is that you are too old.


What is that?
Check Vivica Fox on dancing with the stars...she wanted to prove that even though she was over 40, she still had it. In fact she looked way younger than her "real age", but you know what? She was dancing and seemed to really enjoy it. However in the Caribbean, over-40/50 may mean that you have to stay at home or look for a nursing home, and walk with a cane and have a nursing aide. Convincing many persons that they can achieve when they are "old" is a bit difficult, and at times require a paradigm shift. Oft times in order to prove the point that to there is no time like the present to get going I tell persons of the 98 year old granny getting her diploma, and they seem so awestruck that a person at that age can still learn.

There is no end to learning until you die and this would put the notion of teaching an old dog new tricks to rest. At times all it takes is for a person to remain just as active and continuously learning to overcome the age factor, so you either use your faculties, if not you will then require that walking cane. It hurt when I went to give an old guy music lessons (he was in his 80's) and his cohorts kept telling him that he was too old.

Success is figuring out that you are not too old to achieve it. Sure you would have liked to have started when you were younger, but you can't go back so you should maximise your time now and start.

So here's the deal: if you want to achieve success - do not think that you are too old to do such, of course this means that you have to ignore the jeers of those around you.

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