Sunday, January 4, 2009

Why aren't we the best?

So many persons have planned and projected that they will be the Best in whatever they do in this new year. Maybe its because persons see the move from one year to another as the ending of one chapter and preparing to enter a new chapter. However it boggles the mind at times as to why one should wait until the end of one year, since if you look carefully at it, each day is the dawn of a new era/chapter. I would even suggest that waiting until the end of a year can be a daunting task since there has been the accumulation of both good and bad, and, the thought of sifting through this entire matter may appear impossible.

This now supports a point where someone can be the best in their character. There was some years back a caribbean company which looked at and had as their slogan "Being the Best". This focused on the internal relationships moving to a state of world class which would have spilled over into the external relationships. However during the process, the company undertook to do one massive campaign from branding to staff meetings and interest groups and sessions to think-tanks. Of course this was not sustainable, and what eventually happened was that persons eventually returned to their old ways of relating. My suggestion in such a case would have been to reverse the channel taken and start out as a spark. This spark having a ripple on effect from a project lead who then would have had the opportunity to encourage other staff to get on the band-wagon. Of course this change management person would have to have a strong character and have the drive to succeed. Once they stoke the flame of change and encouraging the persons to be the best that they can be, it would be very rewarding and the objective of creating a better relationship would have occurred.

Naturally - this writer should not have to tell you that you need to be the best that you can be, you know it, we know it, everyone else knows it. Why then aren't we the best?

I can think of at least two ways, and i'm sure you can find a few more:

1) The will to be the best has dried up.

Its like someone with a creative talent, who does not follow their dream or at least feed their passion. When a creative artist works another job, and stays in that job without feeding their desire to be creative, they lose the muse of inspiration as evoked in Shakespeare's - Henry V, "O for a muse of fire that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention..." As a human being, one has to be inspired to be the best, they may gain this by either the end result of their contribution or the challenge to get going. If either one of these are not met, eventually the drive to be the best can become a drudgery.

2) Laziness.

I say nothing more - since I believe this speaks for itself.

So, let us daily look at how we can be the best in the present tense, since this is the only guaranteed time which we have.

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