Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Impossible + ( ' ) = I'm Possible

Did you ever notice that "Impossible" and "I'm Possible" have practically the same spelling? I didn't realise this fact until recently while conversing with my wife, she was supporting an idea which we were discussing, and it ended where I said..."initially this idea may have been considered impossible, and she suggested that is was no longer impossible but I'm possible..."
Before going further - I believe everyone understands what is meant by impossible...that is - it just will not or cannot be seen to happen (whatever that may be). Conversely, I'm possible should already conjure the image of potential enery and the idea of "I AM Possible", that force/capability to be able to achieve whatever one has set as a goal.

In addition, we'll be using the formula below:

{Impossible} + ( ' ) = I'm Possible

Looking at this formulae, you have to have therefore some idea of where you are going to end or at least what goal you would like to achieve. This all begins with a thought. Now following the equation, Impossible is not the position that we want to be in, and we need to ask ourselves not necessarily how did we get into that position but how are we going to get out. Careful planning and thinking is needed, as even though you may want to leave quickly, one has to do so deliberately and armed with as much information in their roadmap as possible. It may also be useful to note the settings or conditions of your current state of impossible, as this may be useful markers and testament when you tell others where you started. In the initial condition or state, there is the sensation of overwhelming dread and also fatigue which will arise. What one has to do at this point in time is to dig in, but this more that likely will feel like your last surge of energy. One has to remember what the trigger was, that made you decide that you will climb out of your perceived impossible state. Therefore, this last surge must be focusedm, like when you focus the sun's rays through a magnifying glass.

You may need some support - here goes, taken from the lyricist Joe Darion "...To dream ... the impossible dream ...To fight ... the unbeatable foe ...To bear ... with unbearable sorrow ...To run ... where the brave dare not go ..." and furthermore I have included this video clip by Honda - which many vote as the "best Honda commercial"... and this clip best sums up the movement we want to achieve especially the suspence at the end.

Now onto the 2nd part of the formula:

The ( ' ) can represent that hope or the high ideals that we can aspire, as it is "suspended" overhead. Therefore we need to extend our reach and grow in our maturity to focus on leaving our current state by doing or reaching for something. Now if we remember previously that we said its like the last surge of focused energy, therfore we are so convinced within our minds first that we are leaving our impossible and heading on the new direction that even the rest of our body aids us in getting there. Trust me - it happens and it works, mind first -> signal to neurons in the brain that we are bout to act -> chemical reaction started -> muscles equiped with necessary torque -> brain signals -> ACTION. Can you imagine that all of this is held in this one symbol ( ' ) ? If you can then you are well on your way. Now once in action, we place the ( ' ) into position where you add it to impossible. If you realise that this little symbol has now changed the entire meaning of impossible to the exact opposite.

Impossible: Not possible, unable to be, incapable

I'm Possible: Acheivable, tenable, imaginable

So, walk with me - rather let's persevere in our equation and work towards possible.

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