Saturday, November 15, 2008

Disability of inability

The disability of inability seems so easy to chat about, but we will still take a look at this matter. When defined, disability means a lack of adequate power, strength, or physical or mental ability; an incapacity. In defining inability, this may be seen also as a lack of power capacity or means. One may want to argue that this is a circular type of reasoning more of a "catch 22", but if you look at the perspective that one may lead to the other then the circular reasoning may be dispelled.

So often when you wonder why persons are not acheiving or reaching their optimum balance it may be suggested that it is as a result of them miscalculating their true potential. Conversely, taking a snap shot of all of those persons who have visible/known disabilities and how they have moved beyond that form of limited capacity to exercise huge feats, it proves that the disability cannot be the inability to achieve. Immediately coming to mind was the example of Stevie Wonder, who did not and has not let his disability lead to inability. More focused on the point is that mentally we have to overcome the mere thought of inability. Just allowing a thought of inability to lodge leads to disability.

We can convince ourselves so easily that we are unable to be a better person, that we are unable to be successful, that we are unable to take charge of our destiny and head towards that goal. Subsequently the acceptance of our inability to be what we are called to be, makes us disabled. We then look for a pity party as to why we can be no better, and why the formulae to reach our true potential cannot work and we want all and sundry to cry with us.
"BAHH Hum-bug"

Look at the effort needed to overcome an specific obstacle as the stepping stone to grow. We are unable to acheive if we think so, but the moment that we change our thought process, we have stopped being disabled. It should not stop there, our efforts should then in one form or another look to assist someone else. Now that you have recognised that your acheiving can help someone and teach someone else to achieve, you have the effect to influence - use it!


Anonymous Thinker said...

When I first read the title, I thought of it in terms of a double negative. I thought of it as in, the inability to not be able.

Good post. :)

Anonymous said...

this post is deep...initially had supposed this to be a circular argument but - this is good stuff.