Thursday, October 9, 2008


Here I was at a piano recital recently and realised that this whole thing was so uninspiring, that it made me wander, mentally - that is... All kinds of thoughts and reasonings and supposings and such like. It was during the intermission that a former school mate came over and said this concert was oh so "nice" and I said well not really. It was after my response that she said - you know, my mind was wandering about architecture and landscapes and all that stuff.

Now I highlight this scenario since, so often when you ask someone "how's everything?" and they say "all is fine" the truth is, its a facade. We go around with our facades (not that it is bad), but here it is - we've bottled up and plastered on our public what a composed individual we are, when this isn't true. Sometimes - it helps to just let it fall out, not wear the facade and be yourself. This I must say is totally opposite to what we normally do. We hide, we shun, we make our true state obscure. Sometimes this is good, and then again, when you show your real self you become even further human. Have you ever noticed that at death nothing is hidden?
Similarly - our best state is while we sleep to see the real person. During this state of rest - we cannot pretend to be fine and dandy, we cannot hide any expressions, even scientifically, the real emotion comes to surface, while we dream.

Here's a suggestion:
Find someone at one of these extremes - Either very close to you or a perfect stranger.
Tell them one thing you'd like to change/improve about yourself...

The result?
You'll feel better about telling them - since whether they pass judgement or not you'll feel liberated.
Try it...

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