Sunday, August 24, 2008

Opportunity Knocked

When something like this (opportunity knocking) happens to so many of us, rather than accepting and grabbing the opportunity we sit there and wait, so much so that it moves from opportunity knocks to opportunity has knocked and flown. There are several emails which we can see or which we receive on a daily basis telling us to either add your name and forward to ten friends or reply and see what happens, and, do you know what? Quite a few persons follow the instructions...However then the opportunity is knocking we sit there, have a cup of tea and wait for it to leave.

What is not right though is that after letting the opportunity fly away we labour over the next person who answered the call, and we become quite upset that they seized the moment. Funny how we think opportunity will pull up in a stretch limo and serve us chill rose blush. Sometimes it might but most of the time it probably won’t, since it may be suggested that we have to seek out the opportunity in the circumstances, and be prepared to run/walk/fly when it turns up. So many times we want the opportunity to turn up and when it does we are not prepared to move with it, but what may be said is that this should teach us to be organized for the next one.

Given that this is titled, opportunity knocked, as was alluded to earlier, we still have to go and look for the prospect in whatever circumstance which we may be facing. It may be noted that never mind whatever dumps we may be in, we can find the ladder out of it, or at least use the dump to make a platform to climb out. I dare say that you may be very lazy and no one will tell you this because they want to be your friend, and prefer if you stay in the same sludge. Stop making excuses to stay in the same circumstance! In speaking with persons about the world of online opportunities to make an impact they get excited, then two weeks later nothing comes out of the initiative, only very few and talented persons carpe diem. Beware of those who always agree with you, for they will not point out when an opportunity has arisen for your own self development nor will they support you in your quest for progress, conversely beware of those who are supper supportive. “Who the cap fits, let him wear it...” Bob Marley.

Moreover there is no time like the present; the only individual who does not get an opportunity is the one who would have pass away. The Caribbean is probably one of those few regions where, persons who believe that once they have reached 50 years of age it is now the end of the road. Changing this thought process may take generations, but there is some change happening as slow as it may be, for it may be forecast that this current generation, looks to grab as many opportunities as they can and at whatever age in order to progress. Take a look at the Ackee tree found heavily in Jamaica, this grows and grows and every season it produces fruit without fail, as long as the flower is fertilised (opportunity) then the tree will produce the delicacy. Just imagine what would happen if the fertilisation process was missed a few times, a major economic industry would come to a halt. Similarly, do you know what impact that you are making when you grab the opportunity which presents itself?

Think about it...right now I am going to look for my next opportunity, I think that you should too, see you next time...

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