Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Money Trees

There is a need for money, but, it should neither be your ruler, nor should you "love" it, as the proverb goes: a fool and his money is soon separated.
Far too often I see persons who are made fools because of the love of this commodity. A commodity is exactly what money is, and it is the utility to trade. Think about the times when you had none, and then think about the times when you had enough to do what you wanted, easily both of those times conjure up significant emotions. Somewhere on the extremes are persons who become so full of greed that they no longer want enough but want more, such that they become dubious in their dealings.

When travelling the success road, the nose of the student must be clean as far as possible to any dealings with money. You do not want to lose your credibility in achieving success, if you doubt me read the many online articles about this. Letting the thirst for lots of money make you lose your prestine reputation is disgusting, and it may make you a very lonely person.

So - your responsibility is to strike a good balance, between credibility, the need, the want, the love of money, and how much we are prepared to sacrifice or contribute/volunteer to get money. You may find out that quite a few websites play on your emotions of the burning desire for money and forgetting the red flags - we buy into them. This same get rich scheme is what drives the Network marketing sites or Pyramid matrixes, and you know who always benefit? The person at the top...read the fine print and you at the bottom do all of the unsuccessful hard work.

Here's a tip: Avoid those "easy riches" program - if it sounds too good then it is not what you want to be caught in. We know in the Caribbean that quick money usually comes from some kind of dubious activity.

In conclusion - treat money as a commidity only - afterall, that is exactly what the rich do, and if you need money, then work for it and save the little you have, and if you can follow closely those principles as found in the book: "richest man in babylon" as this is one document which use trusted and common sense principals.

Ask for a trusted opinion... And use common sense
In the Caribbean - Money does NOT grow on trees.

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