Sunday, March 30, 2008


When was the last time you thought outside of the c?

Taking a look at the photo - you see the symmetry and the precision in the definition of the structure.

This outside the box is not exactly easy at times and one needs to get used to the idea of dealing with the possible repercussions. The thought process here is not how to think outside of the box but, are you able to cope with the persons who cannot deal with this form of thinking? In addition when you are able to adjust to thinking outside of the average realm it takes a certain kind of personality. Historically in the caribbean, it seems to be psycologically implanted that you are weird to think outside of the status quo. The ancestors of the caribbean people lost the ability to have this perspective and concentrated on having tunnel vision, this may hold true except for the Haitians. The Haitians rebelled against this box thinking and were self liberated.

As you read this - ask yourself: Wen was the last time that I thought outside of the box?

Its frightening to think that some colleagues who I interact with cannot comprehend the possibilities beyond the four squares. The first conclusion of thinking beyond the yard, is that you must be crazy or it is impossible. Look at a child, and his creative mind. If you give him a matchbox, that child can in its mind's eye, see a car, or a house, or a safe or something bigger. The average adult on the other hand, can only see a matchbox.

Compare now the thinking of the successful business person. Next time you interact with one just ask if they thought outside of the'd be suprised that the majority of them did.

So - don't just stand there...look for the box and then go beyond its boundaries.

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